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Selecting the right grease interceptor can be intimidating. Let’s face it, you did not get into the restaurant business to become an expert in fats, oils and grease! Fulfilling your obligations for your local grease interceptor ordinance is the end goal, but its important to make sure you get the best possible equipment for you. Ensure that not only have the most effective and flexible grease interceptor on the market with the Grease Guardian X Series.

The Difference Is Stainless!

Heat can be the enemy of plastic, so why put it in a kitchen. Unlike other automatic grease interceptors Grease Guardian is manufactured with a 100% stainless-steel one-piece tank. No plastic liners. Our equipment will excel in the harsh kitchen environment. Have confidence knowing you will be able to focus on your restaurant rather than dealing with your grease interceptor.

The advantages of choosing a Grease Guardian goes well beyond its superior construction, its standard features make it the most flexible on the market.

Clean Dry Solids Strainer –  Strategically positioned just above the water level and with access from the front of the machine, the GGX range provides a unique ‘dry’ solid strainer which also eliminates the need to open the grease trap lid for emptying.  Gone are the days of the messy lift out strainer for in-kitchen applications.

Durable Stainless Steel Skimming Drum –  All Grease Guardians are equipped with a stainless steel skimming drum which provides durability throughout the lifetime of the machine. The stainless steel drum never loses its ability to attract and remove grease unlike some of the plastic types you will find in the marketplace.

Simple to Clean Wiper Blade –  To ensure that the lid stays sealed, the GGX wiper blade assembly has been designed so that the wiper blade can be easily removed from the side of the tank, when it needs to be cleaned.

Space Saving Uni-Directional Inlet/Outlet –  All Grease Guardians are fitted with uni-directional inlets and outlets ensuring the simplest of installations, which is often carried out in confined spaces. This unique design enables you to recapture precious kitchen real estate. Yes you can stack things on top of the trap, because you don’t have to open it daily!

Reliable Programmable Logic Control – By utilizing the flexibility and simplicity of  a PLC, the Grease Guardian has the ability to control days of operation, operating time zones, grease load settings, motion sensors, control of flow valves, level controls and the system can communicate with building management systems (BMS). This give the system unrivaled operational flexibility and reliability.

Excellent Warranty – Fully welded stainless steel sealed tanks. All Grease Guardians are manufactured from 16 gauge 304 stainless steel with a high quality polished finish. The tanks, which don’t have any plastic liners are fully welded and sealed and carry a 10 year warranty!

Unique Space Saving – The Grease Guardian X range are the only Point Source grease traps that can operate in a confined space as illustrated in the picture. As the solids strainer is removed from the front there’s no need for extra space above the machine to lift out the solids basket!

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