The Grease Guardian Difference

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Grease Guardian is constantly seeking feedback from its install base. It is in these ideas we look to design and update our latest equipment. Giving the customers and municipalities features they need to have an effective FOG management program. Flexibility is what sets the Grease Guardian X Series apart from other automatic grease removal units on the market.

Optional Washdown Feature

All Grease Guardians have the capability to be installed with a hot water wash down feature. This additional feature benefits high volume grease applications. Keeping the internal working of the equipment clean and allowing for the highest level of grease removal on your next skimming cycle.

The additional water in the tank also have the added benefit of raising the grease mat in high grease low water applications like combi ovens, rotisseries, and wok stoves.

With the addition of a solenoid valve, the hot water spray blasts are completely controlled by the PLC program. Giving the restaurant owner all the added benefits with NO additional tasks to perform. It is an ideal upgrade for fast pace, full service kitchens. Ask us about how to add it to your Grease Guardian application!

PLC Programming

What makes FOG management so difficult is that applications vary from place to place. The food preparation, ingredients, cooking styles, and operational habits all play a role in the fats, oils, and grease a restaurant produces.

When designing our Grease Guardian PLC programming we needed to allow for all these factors. Providing a user-friendly PLC program that gave customers the ability to adjust the equipment to meet their grease management demands!

  • Skimming Duration
  • Time of Day
  • Days of Operation
  • Multiple Skimming Cycles
  • Heat Up Duration

Adjusting these key settings will ensure the best possible results for YOUR restaurant.

The Grease Guardian equipment is the most flexible and effective automatic grease removal system on the market. To learn more about the Grease Guardian equipment and features, visit our website or call us today.

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