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The Flexibility of Grease Guardian

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FOG is a constant and expensive headache for cities everywhere. For those who deal with it daily, they understand the importance of properly designed grease management equipment and proper FOG management by food establishments. Keeping fats, oils, and grease out of the public sewer system is a major step in protecting against unsanitary backups and protecting the wastewater treatment plants at the end of the line!

The truth is that not all FOG management is the same. Grease Guardian knows this and continually works to provide flexibility for both municipalities and food establishment owners. Last week we spoke about our wash-down feature and its ability to keep machines clean and efficient.

Flexibility is key! All Grease Guardian automatic grease removal equipment is controlled by a PLC. Making it the most flexible and interactive automatic grease removal system on the market. Based on what you type of food establishment you are, the hours you are open, the amount of grease you produce, the days you operate… adjust your Grease Guardian settings to meet your specific needs. We provide the user with the necessary settings to yield the best possible results.

PLC Flexibility:

  • Easy control of High, Medium, and Low cycles
  • Complete control over time of cycle
  • Change the number of cycles per day
  • Turn days of the week ON or OFF
  • Built in Service reminder
  • Turn heating element ON or OFF
  • Ability to program custom settings

Let Grease Guardian be a solution for YOUR restaurant. We will work closely with the end user to help them establish the settings that are correct for them and help create a FOG management routine! Let us be a tool for you.

For more information about Grease Guardian or general questions about grease management please contact us directly. We strive to provide engineers, customers, and city municipalities with the equipment and details to meet their grease projects.

See you next week.

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