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The Difference Is Stainless!

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Not all grease interceptors are created equal. Small, large, passive, concrete, plastic, stainless steel, or automatic, there are a large variety of interceptors to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to handle different circumstances. There is no magic interceptor, but there are a few things that set some apart from the rest!

The difference is stainless! Grease Guardians are manufactured with the highest quality materials and parts on the market. Manufactured in all stainless steel, you can visibly see the difference from other automatic grease recovery systems on the market. While other companies have moved to supplying plastic tanks, Grease Guardian has continued to supply a durable product that is truly designed for commercial kitchens.

In the kitchen plastic tanks warp and break over time, causing headaches down the road for the customer. Grease Guardians one-piece tanks are made of 100% stainless steel, no warping, and odors! Carrying a 10-year warranty on the tank, we are confident the equipment is built to hold up to the conditions of a commercial kitchen.

Other Notable Features Include:

A Dry Solids Strainer – Sits above the water line to allow for clean and dry maintenance

Stainless Steel Skimming Drum – A large surface area to allow for maximum grease removal

Internal Wash Down Bar – Hot water connection to allow for internal tank maintenance

PLC Controlled – Flexible PLC allows for custom settings to fit YOUR kitchen.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper maintenance for your interceptor. The Grease Guardian has been designed to aid in making any daily maintenance a breeze. Simple steps will allow your interceptor to remain efficient and worry free.

Please consult Grease Guardian if you have any questions about maintenance, sizing, or grease related topics. With over 30 years of industry experience, let us be a resource for you!

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