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The Best Skimming Program For Your Grease Guardian

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Choosing the Right Grease Guardian PLC Program for your Food Service Establishment

The Grease Guardian X Series automatic grease interceptor has the flexibility to meet the demands of any commercial kitchen or restaurant. Not all FOG is created equal and not all kitchens produce the same amount of FOG! The skimming programs available on your Grease Guardian X Series give you the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

LOW – MEDIUM – HIGH Cycle Mode:

Choosing the proper skimming duration will lead to the best possible results.

Grease Output Suggested  Program

Low/ Medium Grease Output:

Café, Pizzeria, Grocery Store hot serve (no fryer), Cafeteria (no food prep), Japanese, Fast Food family restaurant (disposable plates), Greek, Care home, school (external food prep/catering).

High Grease output:  (mainly internal food prep with use of table ware)

Hotel Restaurant, Public House restaurant, Hospital, Cafeteria, Family Restaurant (tableware), Fine Dining restaurant, Steak House, Chinese, Buffet, Indian, Mexican, Sea- food, Fried Chicken restaurant, Grocery Store hot serve (w/fryer), Barbeque, School (internal food prep).

For applications where there is less than 0.26 USG grease skimmed daily or less grease visible in main tank consider setting LOW MODE on alternative days.

Days of Operation:

Not in operation part of the week, go ahead and turn those days off. Running the machine daily is perfectly fine but may not be necessary! When a day is switched off the machine will not skim, it is that simple. This eliminates the need to perform the task of emptying the grease collector. Schools are a perfect example, switching off Saturdays and Sundays may be a desired option.

Grease Guardians support line is there to help answer your programming questions. The flexible PLC allows for easy changing of any program. Call us today to learn more about your current or future Grease Guardian!


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