Hello Blog Readers, Happy New Year! Thames Water last year visited over 200 restaurants and food establishments in a bid to reduce the number of sewer blockages in the area.  Several restaurants did not have a grease trap installed and 43% did not know what a grease trap is used for. FOG PROGRAMME In the

Hello Blog Readers Seasons greetings from Grease Guardian! With only a few days left before festive dinner preparations get underway water authorities have reported the risk of flooding and fatbergs is higher during this period. Yorkshire Water has distributed fat collection containers in a bid to prevent the waste being poured down the drain.  Fats,


Hello Blog readers, BUILDING A FATBERG This week’s blog is all about fatbergs.  Two artists in the Netherlands have plans to create a man-made fatberg on an island as part of a design research project.  The fatberg will be formed from fats that have been rendered to remove any impurities and therefore less likely to


Hello Blog readers, FATBERG It has been reported that fatbergs formed from palm oil have been spotted on UK beaches.  Vets have warned dog owners to keep pets away from the fatbergs as they can be poisonous when swallowed.  The palm fatbergs have traveled from Jamaica and Trinidad and have been helped by recent storms


Hello Blog readers, For restaurants, hotels and food establishments Christmas time is a busy period with kitchens working to cater for Christmas dinners and staff parties.  With an increase in trade and plates being served more FOG waste will be produced during this period. A grease trap or grease interceptor is designed to intercept Grease,


Hello Blog Readers, We normally talk about all these related to grease traps and FOG and a number of articles online highlighted that wet-wipes are now adding to the fatberg problem. Last year sales for wet-wipes reached over 2 billion dollars in the US. WETWIPES Experts are now calling for more information and labelling to

Hello Blog Readers, Rise in spending for Pubs and Restaurants A recent study has reported that consumer spending in restaurants and pubs in the UK is up by over 12 percent compared to figures for this time last year.  This is welcomed news for these establishments and the hotel sector has also seen a rise


Hello Blog Readers, There has been recent articles online highlighting the efforts water companies are taking to ensure the sewer remains working efficiently. When there is a build-up of FOG’s (Fats, Oil and Grease) in the sewer system this can result in the formation of a fatberg.  There has been numerous fatbergs removed from the

Hello blog Readers, Fatbergs and Fog waste is a problem which is affecting not just the UK but other countries in the world.  News stories on-line highlight that although some businesses and food establishments have installed and maintain their grease trap a lot of work has to be done to promote grease traps. Restaurants and


Hello Blog Readers   The dangers of fatbergs and blockages have been a popular topic for our blog.  I came across an article online reporting that a restaurant owner has been convicted for blocking sewers in a landmark case.  The number of convictions are low for this type of offense but this might be about