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Never pour oil down the sink


Every year millions of pounds are spent clearing sewage blockages caused by fats, oil and grease (FOG).  How does this happen?  Households and restaurants are causing a big problem for local authorities when they pour fats and oils down sinks, drains and even toilets.  When fat is pou

Some Grease Guardian Tips to avoid FOG build up in the household

Hello FOG Blog Readers! I found a few tips online which can help everyone to reduce the amount of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) we dispose directly into the water system.  If Fog’s are not disposed responsibly, over time the FOG will harden into deposits which can cause blockages in the

FOG Storms causing havoc in Oxford

Hello FOG Blog Readers! A recent article I came across highlighted again that fatbergs are becoming a recurring problem for local authorities.  As previously mentioned in earlier blogs a fatberg is a congealed lump of fat, oil and grease which causes blockages when combined with house
Under sink Grease Trap

Grease Guardian saving restaurants from fines!

Hello FOG Blog Readers! While travelling to work today I stumbled across a radio article that was based around the proposal of charging owners of bigger and greater emission contributing cars higher fees. The idea of this is to try and reduce the build-up of emissions that come about

Why do we need grease traps?

Today’s FOG Blog is slightly different from our usual ones, in the sense that it is an informative blog, rather than being based around a relative news article or event. I am simply going to title it; ‘Why do we need grease traps?’ First of all, for those who haven’t been keeping up w