Hello Blog Readers, BOURBON STREET SURPRISE   Lumps of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) in the storm drains was discovered during work on the very busy Bourbon Street after a bad smell was reported.  Workers found that some restaurants had access to the storm drains and the foul smell was from the FOG waste collecting


Another stomach churning FATBERG! A Fatberg that blocked a high street hairdresser’s toilets was so big that it stretched the full length of the high street in Cheltenham….now if that isn’t reason for concern over the state of our drainage systems what is? Engineers spent eight hours unclogging the slimy blockage in Cheltenham last month. 


Hello Blog Readers, Have you heard about our wee Minnie heroes? As well as our impressive product range of manual, automatic, marine and centralised Grease Removal Systems, we here at Grease Guardian also develop, design, manufacture and install Food Guardians and Coffee Guardians.  We refer to these as Minnie hero’s because they are small, but


Hello Blog Readers, GREASE TRAPS AND FATBERGS Water companies regularly carry out CCTV surveys and some very strange objects have been discovered in pipes and sewers. No grease traps have been reported yet! A 600 pound alligator was discovered in Texas, a bicycle, half a mini cooper car and false teeth are some of the

Hello Blog Readers, REDUCING FATS, OIL AND GREASE (FOG) WASTE Over 60% of blockages found in the sewers are FOG related and highlights the importance of keeping FOG waste out of drains.  Thames Water removes 80,000 blockages from the sewers each year. Installing a grease trap is the first step in stopping FOG entering drains.

Hello blog readers, FATS, OIL & GREASE Restaurants cooking with Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) should have a grease trap installed.  If no grease trap is installed the FOG waste from cooking will enter the drains and sewers.  This can lead to complications such as blockages, back-ups, repairs and fatbergs!  The sewer system was designed

Hello Blog Readers, FOG & GREASE TRAPS Restaurants cooking with FOG producing foods should have a grease trap/grease interceptor installed.  FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) causes major problems for pipes and drains if it is not disposed correctly.  Restaurants use more FOG producing foods than households and need to have a system in place to

Hello Blog Readers! GREASE GUARDIAN Grease traps/grease interceptors are designed to separate Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste from waste water. The water from kitchens and restaurants containing FOG enters the Grease Guardian and solids are collected in a strainer basket.  FOG will rise to the top of the tank as it is lighter than


Hello Blog Readers! REMOVAL OF FATBERG Water authorities have highlighted again the importance of less Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste entering the sewers.  Last year one water authority visited restaurants in the Oxford area and found that over 90 percent of restaurants had inadequate or no grease management system or grease traps installed.  A

Hello Blog Readers! PALM OIL FATBERG FOUND ON DUBLIN BEACH Fingal County Council has issued a warning for walkers to be on the lookout for palm oil fatbergs after they were spotted in Fingal, Dublin. Walkers have been warned to keep dogs away from the palm fatbergs as they can be dangerous and toxic to