Hello Blog Readers, REDUCING FATS, OIL AND GREASE (FOG) WASTE Over 60% of blockages found in the sewers are FOG related and highlights the importance of keeping FOG waste out of drains.  Thames Water removes 80,000 blockages from the sewers each year. Installing a grease trap is the first step in stopping FOG entering drains.

Hello Blog Readers! GREASE GUARDIAN Grease traps/grease interceptors are designed to separate Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste from waste water. The water from kitchens and restaurants containing FOG enters the Grease Guardian and solids are collected in a strainer basket.  FOG will rise to the top of the tank as it is lighter than

Hello Blog readers! REDUCE FOG AND FOOD WASTE Reducing waste and recycling is a concern for food outlets, supermarkets, restaurants and households.  Each year 13 billion pounds of food is thrown away.  The average household throws out between £470 – £700 worth of food each year! Supermarket stores have now introduced methods to reduce the


Hello Blog Readers! WHAT’S COOKING IN QUEENS Residents in the Queens area of New York are cooking up a big problem.  The area has problems with blockages in the sewer due to large quantities of cooking oil being poured down sinks and drains.  Grease waste is responsible for around 60 percent of blockages and back-ups


Hello Blog Readers! FOG WASTE Water authorities were called to remove a fatberg in Bierton, England.  The fatberg was detected after residents experienced problems with flushing their toilets.  The problem was caused by a blockage of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) in the sewer.  When FOG waste accumulates it will grow into a fatberg which

Hello blog readers! GREASE TRAPS Grease traps are a common feature in restaurants and busy food outlets.  Grease traps or grease removal devices work by separating Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) from waste water.  Reducing the amount of FOG waste entering drains and sewers is important and reduces the risk of flooding, back-ups and foul

Hello Blog Readers Seasons greetings from Grease Guardian! With only a few days left before festive dinner preparations get underway water authorities have reported the risk of flooding and fatbergs is higher during this period. Yorkshire Water has distributed fat collection containers in a bid to prevent the waste being poured down the drain.  Fats,


Hello Blog readers, FATBERG It has been reported that fatbergs formed from palm oil have been spotted on UK beaches.  Vets have warned dog owners to keep pets away from the fatbergs as they can be poisonous when swallowed.  The palm fatbergs have traveled from Jamaica and Trinidad and have been helped by recent storms

Hello Blog Readers, This week we are getting reading to visit London for an exhibition.  Grease Guardian will be attending the Restaurant Show which takes place in the Olympia Exhibition Centre, Kensington, London, from the 3rd – 5th October 2016.  If you would like to visit our stand we can be found at stand GL11.


Hello blog readers! Grease Trap Service When was the last time the grease trap in your kitchen was serviced?  If you can’t remember the date it might be time to book a service. At Grease Guardian we offer a number of service packages to help you maintain your grease trap.   Our service options range from