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Starting Your Own FOG Program

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FOG is a nuisance that ALL cities and towns must deal with. If you have not experienced grease related issues and backups yet, it is only a matter of time before you do. These unexpected problems can cause huge inconveniences for local businesses and are often extremely expensive to fix. A strong and active FOG ordinance goes a long way in preventing FOG related issues from getting out of control!

A quick search online will result in countless testimonials and experience with FOG issues and Fatbergs. There is a growing problem below your city streets and most people are simply unaware.

One town outside of Seattle is tightening up their FOG program to deal with this very problem. Like many places, the long standing FOG ordinance fell out of practice once it was put into effect. With little follow up and enforcement, food establishments were unaware of the policies or in some cases they were simply ignored. FOG control is only as good as its enforcement!

Take action, start or rekindle your FOG program now! Municipalities around the country realize the importance of fats, oils, and grease management. Keeping this waste out helps ensures the overall health of the city sewer system and wastewater treatment plants. Our team at Grease Guardian can be a resource to you! Our unrivaled expertise and industry knowledge has aided in starting and maintaining some of the most successful FOG programs around the globe. Helping you put the right plan in place to serve your residents and food establishment owners is what we do best. We can provide the information, equipment, and application expertise you need to make your FOG program effective.

For more information about Grease Guardian or general questions about grease management please contact us directly. We strive to provide engineers, customers, and city municipalities with the equipment and details to meet their grease projects.

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