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Starting Up Your Grease Guardian

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From everyone at Grease Guardian we hope you are staying safe during this difficult time as we begin to reopen. We are all working hard together to figure out the safest way to get everything going again. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your interceptor please let us know. We are available to help!

Starting Up Your Grease Guardian:

Some of you are starting back with regular or longer hours during the reopening period. Here are a few steps and helpful instructions on making sure your GGX equipment is ready for use:

  1. Make sure your GGX is filled with water before returning power the machine.
  2. Evaluate if you have made any changes to your hours, capacity menu. These are important factors to take under consideration when setting up your GGX equipment. Your settings control how much or how little your machine will be skimming on any given “skimming cycle” and you want it to be tuned into your specific circumstances. If you are operating at the same level as you were before the shut down then you can go back to your normal GGX operation. If you are temporarily operating at less, you may want to confirm your machine is in the LOW cycle mode. You can find the PLC instructions in you machines operation manual.
  3. Check the condition of the inside of the tank, you may need to have a service pump our or cleaning based on the condition. If you machine was not in operation for an extended period of time and grease was left inside, you may want consider removing it and starting with fresh water. It can be a judgment call and will not be necessary in many applications. If you have any doubt contact us and we can discuss your equipment’s condition and give you our recommendation moving forward.
  4. Make sure all of your GGX’s parts are properly positioned. You will want to give your machine a look over when you start the machine back up. If these parts were removed at any point during the time off and not put back you machine will not be able to properly run through its skimming cycle. Keep in mind that your Grease Guardian GGX is a hydromechanical grease interceptor and captures grease on its own! No need to panic if they were left off for a short period of time. Just simply return.
    1. Wiper Blade Positioning
    2. Stainer Basket
    3. Grease Collection Container (Hood too if applicable)

All of this information can be accessed in our Grease Guardian Operation Manual or on our website and YouTube channel. We are also available to consult with you on any new or existing application moving forward.

Stay Safe.

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