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Do Not be the next City to fall victim to a sewer damaging Fatberg!

It is no surprise that many cities aging sewer system have had a difficult time keeping up with the growing population and rise in food establishments. Extremely expensive and time consuming to deal with, Cities like London have been forced to deal with fatberg problems head on.

We have seen more and more cities around the globe have a problem with built up fats, oils and grease build up in their public sewer systems. These fatbergs have the potential to damage pipes and cause hazard back ups into city streets. The excessive amount of grease also puts a tremendous strain on your city waste water treatment plants. By this point it is too late! We must work to not let these blockages form in the first place. Well managed FOG regulations and people doing their part to properly dispose of waste goes a long way in protecting both internal and public sewer systems.

Start your City FOG Program Today

Starting or enforcing a city FOG ordinance is the most effective way to prevent these types of backups from happening. The preventative actions of everyone doing their part is the best place to start.

Grease Guardian or one of our experienced distributors will work directly with municipalities and inspectors on helping develop your program. With over 30 years of waste water experience we have unmatched application expertise. Let us be a resource to you! With presentations and onsite visits we can help assist in sizing, design and installations.

For more information on maintenance and help with sizing send us the below information and we can let you know exactly what you need to do:

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