Grease Traps for restaurants, fast food outlets or similar applications

Install a grease trap under the wash-up sink of a restaurant to stop grease at source. Combination ovens also drain fat away and can be often connected to the same trap. Grease Guardian recommends our undersink automatic grease removal units (GRU) for the best performance. Manual undersink grease traps are also available but require monthly pump outs. The size of these grease interceptors is determined by the flow rate of the sink fixture.

Grease Traps for hotels or similar applications

Grease Guardian provide a range of centralised grease traps and grease removal systems that can be installed in basement locations to handle the entire flow of all kitchens in a hotel complex. The size of these grease interceptors is determined by the pipe diameter and distance from the kitchen fixtures

Grease Traps for supermarket deli areas

Most supermarkets have deli areas producing hot food. Grease Guardian automatic grease removal units have been installed under combination ovens and/or wash-up sinks in many of the worlds leading supermarket chains. Combination ovens usually have low flow rates of less than 0.5 l/s

Grease Traps for B&Bs or large domestic kitchens

Busy homes can produce a lot of grease. Many large homes have septic tanks or domestic treatment plants that can fill up with grease and eventually fail. Large homes or B&B's should install a domestic grease trap to prevent fats, oils and grease going to drain.

Grease Traps for airports, shopping centres and multiple outlet complexes

Where multiple kitchens are located in one large complex such as an airport, maul or train station it is recommended that each location has a Grease Guardian grease removal unit. It is also a good idea to include a central grease trap or grease recovery device in the basement. Each point of source grease trap is sized in accordance with the flow rate of the sink fixture whereas the basement unit's size is determined by the pipe diameter

Coffee waste strainers for cafés

Coffee waste from barista machines or at a coffee cup -up sink can cause blockages in pipework. The ST2 Coffee Guardian is a fantastic solution that filters coffee waste that is back-washed out of a coffee machune. The ST4 Coffee Guardian is ideal for sinks

Grease Traps for the Navy, cruise liners or other marine applications

Grease Guardian provide a range of grease traps designed specifically for marine applications. The Marine Guardian are state of the art grease recovery devices that are designed to operate on board ocean going ships. These grease traps can be easily fitted into existing or newly built ships and withstand harsh sea conditions.

Sediment Traps for sinks in butchers and prep areas

The Sink Guardian is a 3 tier strainer unit that has a basket insert and can be plumbed into any sink with a 90 mm plug hole. Great for stopping food waste going down the drain and much more reliable than standard strainers that are often misplaced. The Food Guardian 8, 12 and 23 litre sediment traps are ideal for food preparation sinks in any kitchen to stop food waste going o drain

Specifying The Right System

Grease Guardian products range from point of source grease interceptor and grease removal devices to basement located fully automated grease and food removal systems. To help specify the correct system follow the links below. To obtain a sizing calculator to determine the correct model contact