Solids Seperation – Avoiding Pipe Blockages

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What are you doing to handle your food solid waste?

Removing solids or solids separation is an overlooked aspect of FOG management. It is vital to remove solids from the waste streams, protecting your interceptor and keeping the public sewers clear. The combination of FOG and solids lead to sewer back ups and the Fatbergs reported around the globe.

Food Waste Solids

Food establishments need to be removing solids from the waste line before reaching their interceptor. Solids are not only harmful to your plumbing system but also rob your interceptor of its grease retention capacity. As we have discussed in the past, the quicker your interceptor reaches its capacity, the more you will be required to pump it by your local municipality. Once an interceptor reaches its capacity, it no longer is functioning correctly. Passing grease through the interceptor into the sewer system.

Removing solids will save you money! All Grease Guardians come standard with solids separation. The Grease Guardians efficient removal of solids ensure your machine stays in working condition. Reducing the number of pump outs required.

Retrofit Your Kitchen with a Solids Separation Equipment

The addition of a solid separator can make all the difference to get your existing grease interceptor back into working order.

Most passive interceptor installations do not have solids separation. By installing a solids separator before your interceptor, you ensure to remove all solids before they can enter the interceptor. This simple step will ensure your interceptors capacity is being used to capture and store grease, not solids! Stretching out a costly pump out schedule.

Grease Guardian carries a full line of Solids Strainer Equipment. These can be used independently, combined with a Grease Guardian GGX or any other interceptor on the market.

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