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Grease Guardian Season Greetings

Grease Guardian would like to wish all our customers and blog readers seasons greetings and a happy new year!

In Brisbane, Australia a massive fatberg has been discovered deep in the sewer system.  The fatberg discovered was made from Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste and wet wipes.  Each year Queensland Urban Utilities have to deal with around 4,000 fatbergs.  With large amounts of households preparing for festive dinners water authorities are now appealing to customers to dispose of any Fats, Oil and Grease properly over the festive period.  It is estimated that one in four people pour oil down the sink!

Below are some tips that can be used when preparing the festive dinner:

  • Scrap food waste into food recycling bins
  • Wipe frying pans and baking trays with paper towels to remove excess grease
  • Pour excess fats and grease into a fat jar and dispose once cooled
  • Install a sink strainer to catch food debris from going down the drain
  • Don’t pour coffee grinds down the kitchen sink
  • Don’t wash red sauce, gravy or mayonnaise products down the sink
  • Put wet wipes and kitchen wipes in the bin – do not flush them down the toilet!
  • Restaurants can install and maintain a Grease Guardian grease trap

It is important to remember than anything poured down the sink, drain or toilet will end up in the drains and sewers.  An average turkey can produce over three quarters of a pint of oil and if every household poured this oil down the sink it will feed the fatberg!  Running hot water down the sink will not stop the fats and oils from cooling and then solidifying.

More information on the Grease Guardian product range and specifications can be found on our website (details below).

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