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Rotisserie and Combi Ovens – Remove Grease At the Source

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Rotisserie and Combi Oven Installations

Chicken rotisserie and combi ovens present some unique challenges in grease management. The volume of grease produced in many of these applications call for equipment that can stand up to the demand.

Beyond the standard multi compartment sink applications, our GGX Rotisserie & Combi oven series is specifically designed to handle high volumes of grease. Its unique features not only make it superior at removing grease but also help handle the low water flow being discharged from the oven. Something that other automatics are unable to do!

Most grease traps are installed down stream of fixtures where there is much more water than there is grease. Your typical sink may be running for large portions of the day. Constantly adding water to your interceptor. Your interceptors need water! Combi-Ovens and water bath rotisseries turn that ratio upside down, often there is more grease than water. The GGX-R series is designed to counter that. An intelligent approach is required.

Managed by a simple Programmable Logic Control (PLC), water is automatically added to the system prior to the heating and skimming process.  This high velocity water spray conditions the grease mat, which makes it very easy for the system to remove grease at an ‘extraordinary’ rate. Since Grease Guardians use stainless steel drums, not plastic disks for skimming, the rate of grease removal is unparalleled making the systems ideal for the most demanding applications.

Your oven and plumbing would benefit from a dedicated grease removal system! If you are not removing grease from the oven outlet, at the source, you are emptying this greasy wastewater into your plumbing system. Running the risk of clogging and damaging your internal plumbing. You should be capturing and removing this grease, even if you have an interceptor outside. The added protection will benefit your interceptor and protect against clogged pipes. Stop spending money on line jetting, there is a better way with the GGX equipment!

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