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Grease Trap and ge interceptor

Grease Guardian automatic grease removal system

A new project has begun in the UK in Newark-On-Trent to upgrade the town’s sewer network.  The project is expected to take up to three years to complete and will cost 60 million pounds to complete.  A large tunnelling machine will help dig new larger sewer pipes to handle the increase in volume and to reduce the risk of flooding.

Newark-On-Trent like many other towns and cities has experience of dealing with Fatbergs which are formed when Fats, Oil and Grease enter the sewage system.  When FOG waste cools it will solidify and over time form a mass which can cause blockages, flooding and bad smells.


Fatbergs are a problem for most cities especially in areas that have a high concentration of restaurants and food establishments.  Eliminating FOG waste entering the sewer system is essential to reduce fatbergs from forming.  Restaurants that are using FOG producing foods such as mayonnaise, butter and oils can install a grease trap/grease interceptor.  In some cities it is now a requirement to install and maintain a grease trap and regular inspections are done to ensure the restaurant remains compliant.  Eating habits have changed over the years and more households are now eating out every week resulting in restaurants now producing more FOG waste.

Grease Guardian has a range of products that can help in the reduction of waste management.  The Grease Guardian X Range traps grease and skims it away.  The skimmed grease is deposited in a grease collection container at the side of the unit which can be removed easily.  The grease can then be taken away for recycling by an approved FOG rendering company.  The grease trap can be installed under wash up sinks or in basements.

More information on the Grease Guardian product range and specifications can be found on our website (details below).

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