Grease Guardian X
Date:April 22, 2017

Quality Equipment

Grease Guardian traps are built to last. Entire system is 304, 16 gauge stainless steel. No need to open lid to maintain. Dry solids strainer. Internal wash down options. HACCP certified for hygiene.


Why Select a Grease Guardian

Grease Guardians are built to last.  Proven, industry leading design, takes industrial pre-treatment of FOG to a professional level.  

All operational components of the Grease Guardian are managed by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for maximum reliability and operational flexibility.  Designed and built by FM Environmental, which builds complete waste water treatment systems, including screening equipment and lift stations, the reliability of Grease Guardians are paramount to the successful operation of their turn-key projects.  Using only the best materials for construction, the pride in workmanship is immediately evident upon close inspection of our stainless steel equipment and treatment systems.

Responding to customer feedback and in the pursuit of excellence in design, point source Grease Guardians feature a “dry” incidental solids strainer.  Eliminating the need for messy vertical lift out strainers.

Technologically advanced PLC controllers offer simplicity of on-site testing, a feature embraced by owners and pre-treatment officials alike.