Grease Guardian X
Date:April 28, 2017

Centralized Grease Recovery Units

Fully automated grease removal units that intercept fats, oils and grease and remove them every day. Automatic solids transfer optional. All our GGX-AST type systems are designed to be self sufficient.


Smart Equipment for Smart Buildings

APPLICATIONArchitects and mechanical engineers are constantly being challenged with space constraints. This is especially true with the rise in mixed-use buildings and retrofits of older buildings. In some cases, there just “isn’t any room” for a massive grease interceptor due to interior space constraints or the inability to use property outside the building’s footprint. The Grease Guardian AST systems address this issue head-on with an almost unlimited grease removal capacity in a very small foot print.

LEADING EDGE SYSTEM CONTROLGrease Guardians are operated by Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) guaranteeing maximum operational flexibility and reliability.

AUTOMATIC SOLIDS REMOVAL –  Optional Automatic removal of incidental solids by a powerful centrifugal pump with high and low water level solids chamber protection.

LOW LEVEL PROTECTION FOR HEATERSLow level water sensor protects heaters from operating dry.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTIONFully welded stainless steel tank, with stainless steel components. Built to last.

AIR TIGHT SEALINGReliable odor containment with IP65 water proof control panel protection.

BMS INTERFACEInterface to remote monitoring system provides peace of mind for facility management.

AUTOMATIC WASHDOWNAutomatically keeps system components operating at peak efficiency.

SERVICE ALARM Automatic service reminder built in.

GREASE MAT CONDITIONING AND POSITIONINGAutomatic grease mat conditioning and positioning ensures exceptional grease removal.