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Crackdown on restaurants not maintaining grease trap

Restaurants are being encouraged to install and maintain grease traps to avoid Fats, Oil and Grease waste (FOG) clogging the sewers.  Some cities have FOG programmes in operation that regularly inspect grease traps to ensure they are compliant.  In Kuala Lumpur the City Hall plans to oversee the maintenance of grease traps installed in the cities restaurants.  The plan is to include the maintenance fees with the licence fees to help tackle the problem.  Subcontractors and contractors will be used to carry out the maintenance work in a bid to help keep rivers and sewers FOG free.

Most restaurants and kitchens use FOG producing foods and when equipment is washed the FOG waste can enter the drains and sewer systems.  Introducing a grease trap can help eliminate this problem and help reduce blockages in the pipes.  In Gloucestershire (UK) a large fatberg made from FOG waste and baby wipes was discovered in January 2017.  It took two employees over three hours to remove the fatberg.  Unfortunately this is not a one-off occurrence.  Severn Trent estimates that over 70 per cent of blockages are the result of Fatbergs and FOG waste.


Grease Guardian supplies both manual and automatic grease traps which are suitable for busy kitchens and restaurants.  A grease trap works by separating FOG waste from waste water allowing clear water to escape under an outlet baffle.  The sizing of a Grease Guardian depends on the kitchen appliances entering the unit and can be connected to pot wash sinks, pre-rinse sinks, combi ovens, chinese cookers and floor drains.

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