Marine Grease Guardian Design Build Models

Up to 300 GPM

Grease Guardian Marine Configuration

TYPE: Automatic
BUILD: 316 Stainless Steel Tank
FLOW: 50 GPM to 300 GPM
VOLUME: Variable
FEATURES: Pro Clean, Auto Shut-off valves for high seas, Solids Settlement Tank, Solids Pump, Simple Flexible Control
ADDITIONS: Support Frame, Grease Collection Tanks
VOLTAGE: 230V / 110V
WARRANTY: 3 years

Marine Grease Guardian Design Build Models (up to 300 GPM)



  • Automatic grease trap and grease removal units with 5 l/s , 7.5 l/s and 10 l/s & 20 l/s Flow rate,
  • Ideal for centralised installations with high number of meals preparation per day and confined space with restricted/ limited access.
  • Traps food/solids waste and grease - Automatic solid transfer by pump.
  • Automatic grease removable programmable skimming cycles.
  • Skid mounted in line or stackable so as to maximise space available
  • Shut off valves for high sea operation, automatic washing system as standard.
  • Flexible Joint and shock mount available as option.
  • Material, Exterior 14 gauge 316 stainless steel bright finish.
  • Suitable for Navy convoy , Commercial Vessel and Cruise Liners with meal preparation form 400 to 4800 x day
  • Easy to install and maintain in confined spaces, with BMS volt free contacts.
  • Customised skid can be provided according to customer needs.