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Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Solutions

If you own a restaurant or business you probably own kitchen equipment that needs regular services.  If your restaurant or fast food outlet has a grease trap installed it is important that daily maintenance is being done on the grease trap.

A grease trap is designed to prevent fats, oils and grease (FOG) going to the drain where they will inevitably cause blockages and damage wastewater treatment and pumping equipment.  Across the globe there is a rise in Fog programmes and grease trap installations to combat problems local authorities are experiencing with fatbergs and flooding.

Below is a list of daily maintenance checks for a Grease Guardian grease trap which will help maintain the unit:

  • Remove the lid and empty the strainer basket into the bin
  • Empty grease collection container into a barrel/container for disposal or recycling
  • Remove, clean and replace wiper blades
  • Use a bottle brush to clear any grease deposits from the trough and inside of rubber pipe
  • Fill the sink with clean water and empty to flush through unit – this will keep fresh water in the tank.
  • Check out our YouTube page for more tips on Grease Trap maintenance


It is important to schedule routine servicing of the grease trap to maintain the highest level of efficiency.  Waste that goes into the drains can cause very bad smells and attract the attention of vermin which is not ideal for any restaurant!  Ideally sink guardians or sink strainers should be used to stop larger pieces of food being washed down the sink.  We have a number of products on our website which are designed for kitchens of all sizes.

Further information and specification on the products can be found on our website along with contact details for any questions you might have.

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