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Maintaining Your GGX

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Maintaining your Grease Guardian.

Maintenance is a part of every grease interceptor on the market. There are no magic interceptors or one solution to handle all grease management projects. Our team at Grease Guardian are experts in the field and can walk you through the process of picking the equipment that meets your specific needs.

The Grease Guardian X Series was designed with the end user in mind, combining the absolute best performance with features that make daily maintenance a breeze for end users. Following these simple steps will ensure the equipment’s performance and you are staying in compliance with your local ordinance.

  1. Always scrap any remaining food into a waste bin before washing plates, pots and pans. This step helps keep solids out of the waste stream and therefore out of your interceptor. Unlike passive interceptors, All Grease Guardians come with an internal solids strainer to catch any remaining incidental solids that remain in the waste stream.
  2. Daily or whenever necessary remove the GGX solids strainer from the front of the machine and empty into waste bin. Return the strainer to the machine when empty.
  3. After each scheduled skimming cycle remove and empty the grease collection container on the side of the GGX into a designated grease waste bin.
  4. Remove the GGX Skimming Blade from the side of the machine and wipe clean with a paper towel. Return skimming blade and grease collection container when completed.

These simple steps can be completed in minutes. Leaving you with a machine ready for its next skimming cycle.

Grease Guardians are automatic grease interceptors. The equipment is designed to eliminate the need for the customer to clean the interceptor manually. Stop cleaning your own or paying someone to clean your grease trap!

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