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Looking Beyond Your FOG Ordinance

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Isolation and Containment of Grease is the Ultimate Goal:

You have seen previous Blog Posts that dive into the idea of Isolation and Containment of grease and FOG waste. Point source grease removal equipment like the Grease Guardian is installed right at the grease generating source. Eliminating long pipe runs and reducing the potential for grease related backups.

A few common examples are found below but the theme of isolation and containment can be applied to any restaurant or problem interceptor. Grease Management can be taken to the next level, ultimately improving your building and its ability to handle the kitchen waste it generates. In the end, doing more will potential save you money in the long run. It can be about improving your FOG management system, not just about fulfilling your local ordinance.

Mixed Use Buildings – The new trend of mixed use buildings has forced cities to reevaluate including them in all FOG related codes. Adding a new restaurant to an existing building with an existing interceptor causes FOG related issues. With the addition of all this new grease waste you now have an undersized and underperforming grease interceptor.

Solution: Instead of going through the costly replacement of a large outside interceptor, use Grease Guardian point source units to manage the additional grease. By removing grease at the source, you will relieve the existing interceptor of the additional grease waste and allow it to work properly. Saving you time and money!

Super Markets – Grocery stores and supermarkets are no longer just for picking up groceries, many are full blown restaurants and buffets. These new supermarkets need upgraded grease management. Specifically, when it comes to rotisseries and combi ovens. Due to the large amount of grease generated during the cooking process, these machines will bring any buildings plumbing to its knees! It is important to remove this grease before it ever enters your drainage system.

Solution: The Grease Guardian R Series attacks rotisseries and combi ovens head on. Designed to handle the large amount of grease generated. The Grease Guardian GGX-R line excels in this type of application. It efficiently traps grease and keeps self-cleaning (the removal of grease) during the cooking process.

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