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Hello Bloggers.

From everyone at Grease Guardian, we hope that you have been keeping safe and have been able to work through these difficult times. Grease Guardian has remained committed to helping out our restaurant community and providing quality customer care and equipment to our customers.

As we move forward, restaurants and kitchens will continue to change. Grease Guardian is here to help with these transitions. As your business changes or you begin necessary remodels, we are available and willing to assist with any grease trap related designs and questions.

Restaurant Owners: With difficult decisions and changes, we want to make your lives easier. Stop worrying about your grease trap and complains. We will make sure you are in compliance with your local FOG ordinance. Our cradle to grave support will offer assistance in properly sizing the equipment, installing the equipment along with staff training and after sales support.

Engineers: Grease Guardian is an ideal solution for your next grease management project. From the early stages of your project our highly motivated team will be able to provide you with the application expertise to make your engineering job easier! The Grease Guardian range of equipment can help you with the smallest of applications right up to the most demanding grease management projects. AutoCAD drawings and Revit files are available for all of our grease handling machines. Grease Guardian can also provide project specific engineering drawings on request.

City Officials: We are here to help! Grease Guardian is the most effective, reliable, and durable automatic grease removal system on the market. Our equipment is designed to adapt to your FOG program. Standard features make it ideal for standard installations as well as being able to solve problems on unique applications that you may encounter. Let us be a resource to you.

Call us today and let us help get your project, inspection or compliance off the ground. With unmatched expertise and waste water experience we are available to assist. Our unmatched warranty reflects the pride in design and quality workmanship that goes into every Grease Guardian. The products we produce are designed for years of trouble free operation.

See you next week.

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