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Education is an important part of any manufacturers job. At Grease Guardian it is our responsibility to educate our customers on our equipment and provide them with the industry knowledge they need to succeed. Follow up support is critical in the long-term performance of any interceptor.

Taking the time to speak about some of the features of our equipment will help our customers understand how the equipment works. Leading to the best possible results.

Sizing and Flow Control – Sizing is key to overall performance and meeting the requirements of your local FOG ordinance. Each Grease Guardian is sized to each specific application. By calculating the maximum flow of all your kitchen fixtures, we will ensure the machine is large enough to handle the job. With an internal flow control, kitchen waste water enters the machine at the designed rate.

Dry Solids Strainer – Keeping any incidental solids out of the interceptor is key. Grease Guardian has gone the extra step with providing a strainer basket that sit ABOVE the tanks water line. This allows for the solids to properly dry, making for an easy and clean removal. Each day an assigned kitchen staff member should remove and empty the solids strainer. This quick process will leave your machine in top shape.

Heat Up Time – Before each skimming cycle the Grease Guardian is program to internally heat the contents of the machine with a single heating element. Liquefying the grease allows for the best possible skim.

Skimming Drum and Skimming Blade – These two parts work together to automatically remove the captured grease into the external grease collector. Grease adheres to the stainless-steel drum and the skimming blade provides the method of removal. Be sure to remove and clean the skimming blade. Once clean place back in the proper position to be ready for the next cycle.

Grease Collection Container – This is where your removed grease will end up. The customer must remove and properly dispose of the contents. Check with your local municipality for any details regarding this process.

Please contact Grease Guardian for any further details about the Grease Guardian equipment or any grease management questions. With decades of experience in this industry we can provide you with the expertise and application experience for your project.

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