Grease Guardian X

Indulgent Independence Day

United Sates of America has the highest fast food consumption in the world; it is big business, growing by approximately 3% annually. Around holidays, Americans like to indulge and celebrate in style with no expense spared, when it comes to celebrating Independence Day there is no shortage of tasty treats and fancy food. Every 4th of July on average 190 million lbs. of red meat/pork and 750 million lbs. of chicken are purchased. This large quantity of meat produces a lot of grease, so your grease trap better be in good working order!

Over 74 million Americans eat out on the 4th of July, there is no shortage of burgers, steak and chicken, 150 million hot dogs are consumed in the US. Independence Day is one of the busiest times of the year for restaurants and fast food outlets across the US. With such high demand and food consumption, FOG levels are higher than usual, it is important your grease trap is fully functioning to deal with the pressure of such large quantities of food.

Around this busy time of the year, it is important for restaurants and fast food outlets to be on top of their game. For your restaurant to run smoothly all kitchen equipment and systems must be fully functioning to avoid unwanted problems. Blockages and odors are unattractive for customers public health issues can arise if the grease trap is not functioning correctly. Along with public health concerns environmental issues can occur, blockages in sewer collection lines can lead to overflow of wastewater from the sewers, leading to property damage and environmental pollution in the locality. Ineffective grease management can cause havoc in your kitchen, keep on top of your grease trap by effective maintenance and servicing.

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