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When cooking or preparing for your festive dinner this year be prepared and follow some of the below steps to stop FOG from blocking pipes in your area.

  • Remove excess Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) from plates and pans before washing
  • Remove any excess food from plates before washing
  • Never pour hot fat or oil down the sink – when cool it will solidify
  • Dispose of cooking oil and sauces/salad dressing properly and do not pour down the drain
  • Some companies may collect any cooking oil to help make Biodiesel!

Roughly 25% more fat, oil and grease is poured down sinks during the festive season.

For many restaurants, bars and supermarkets this is also a busy time of the year for food preparation.  The installation of a grease trap can help to limit any FOG related problems such as flooding, back-up’s and strong odors.

Grease traps and grease removal systems are a common piece of kitchen equipment which helps trap Fats, Oils and Grease at the source.  Grease Guardian supplies both manual and automatic grease traps for commercial kitchens and businesses.  The type of grease trap installed will be dependent on how many kitchen appliances are entering the units.

An automatic grease trap works by trapping grease via the skimming process into a collection container which can be recycled depending on the facilities available in your area.  A manual grease trap will trap FOG waste in the unit allowing treated water to enter the drainage system.  A manual trap requires manual removal of  FOG waste and are popular as they are compact in size and easy to install.

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