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Handling Your Kitchens FOG

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Best Kitchen Management and Practices

Both residential and commercial kitchens can be hectic places. One is the heart of your home… the other is the heart of your restaurant. Both filled with a constant flow of cooking to feed hungry mouths. Keeping good habits when it comes to how you handle your fats, oils and grease can help keep your kitchens running smoothly as well as the great environment around us. Keeping FOG out of our sewer systems can help protect our infrastructure from damage and the water in which we put back into our environment.

Tips for professional and residential kitchens

When cleaning your pans and dishes be sure to wipe off any extra grease and cooking oil with a paper towel. It is common for people to simply wash everything off with hot water, down the drain it goes. The fats, oils and grease mixed in with that water though can damage you pipes. Simply wipe off any extra grease and throw away before doing your regular wash.

Scrape your plates of any remaining solids. Removing any left over solids from your dishes into a waste bin is greatly important! There is a lot of remaining grease mixed in with those solids and will eventually make its way into the sewer system. For commercial kitchens… into you grease interceptor. We should be doing our best to eliminate that. Everyone should do their best to use screens and solids separator equipment to catch these scrapes.

Restaurant kitchens… keep an eye on your grease interceptor. You want to always have someone who is responsible to keep an eye on the condition and performance of your grease interceptor. This is true for all models, sizes and manufacturer. They all require some level of maintenance!

If you need to know more about your grease interceptors requirements, reach out to the manufacture. Grease Guardian is always here to help, we are knowledgeable on all things FOG related and would be happy to answer any questions. Our equipment is installed and operated around the world. We have the expertise to help you in your kitchen or on your next project.

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