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Grease Trap – Frequently Asked Questions

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We all know you did not open your restaurant to become and expert in fats, oils and grease. Your grease interceptor and FOG management may be a new concept to you, Grease Guardian is here to help. Our decades of experience in the grease interceptor business will ensure you are taking the necessary steps to comply with your local ordinance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a grease trap in my restaurant?

Yes! When opening a restaurant, you can be sure you will need to have some type of grease management equipment. The details of that required equipment though, will depend on your area’s specific written codes. Your ordinances will lay out your exact requirements, containing details that will highlight the type of interceptor, what kitchen fixtures must be included, and maintenance schedule.

Let Grease Guardian help you decode your ordinance for you. We will lay out your specific requirements and get you back to running your restaurant.

Where is a grease trap required?

It is best to use a real example to answer this question. Although ordinances may vary slightly, most will require that many if not all grease generating fixtures be included when installing your grease trap. Here is an exert from the FOG code written for the Washington DC area:

1003.2 Where Required. 

1003.2.1 A grease abatement system shall be required for the drainage from fixtures and equipment with potential grease-laden waste.  Fixtures and equipment shall include, but not be limited to: 1, 2, 3, & 4 compartment sinks; pot sinks; pre-rinse sinks; soup kettles or similar devices; fresh meat cutting and prepping; wok stations; mop/service sinks; floor drains; trough drains; floor sinks; open site drains; dump sinks receiving waste products; automatic hood wash units; and dishwashers.  1003.2.1.1 Single and multi-compartment sinks which are subject to a variety of preparation and/or clean-up activities shall be abated accordingly.

Grease Guardian or one of our experienced distributors will work directly with restaurant owners,  municipalities and inspectors. With over 30 years of waste water experience we have unmatched application expertise. Let us be a resource to you!

For more information on maintenance and help with sizing send us the below information and we can let you know exactly what you need to do:

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