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Grease Trap – Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Bloggers! We all know you did not open your restaurant to become and expert in fats, oils and grease. Your grease interceptor and FOG management may be a new concept to you, Grease Guardian is here to help. Our decades of experience in the grease interceptor business will ensure you are taking the necessary steps to comply with your local ordinance. Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need a gr
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Grease Managment Tips for the Holiday Season

Grease Trap FOG BLOG
Hello Bloggers! Happy Holidays from everyone at Grease Guardian and our partners from around the globe! We hope you have a wonderful season heading into the new year. The upward trend in dining out and prepared foods is never more apparent then during the holiday season. As people spend time with their family and friends many of the meals and food consumed will be prepared outside of their own kit
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The Best Skimming Program For Your Grease Guardian

Hello Bloggers! Choosing the Right Grease Guardian PLC Program for your Food Service Establishment The Grease Guardian X Series automatic grease interceptor has the flexibility to meet the demands of any commercial kitchen or restaurant. Not all FOG is created equal and not all kitchens produce the same amount of FOG! The skimming programs available on your Grease Guardian X Series give you the fl
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Start Your FOG Program Today!

Hello Bloggers! Do Not be the next City to fall victim to a sewer damaging Fatberg! It is no surprise that many cities aging sewer system have had a difficult time keeping up with the growing population and rise in food establishments. Extremely expensive and time consuming to deal with, Cities like London have been forced to deal with fatberg problems head on. We have seen more and more cities ar
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Grease Guardian – A Better Building

Hello Bloggers. Come and see Grease Guardian participate in this year’s Green Build show in the great city of Chicago! Grease Guardian has continued to push all its automatic grease removal systems in the direction of better performance, efficiency of grease removal, and overall reliability of equipment.  The combination of these ideas and goals has led us in the direction of becoming more involve
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