Grease Guardian X

Grease Guardian exhibiting at the NRA

Grease Guardian have manufactured and supplied grease traps and grease removal systems for over 30 years and will be introducing some new innovations at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago this May. The team at Grease Guardian are delighted to be launching a major new product, the Grease Guardian GGX100 Grease Removal Unit. The GGX100 (100 GPM) Grease Guardian is the latest in adva
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Is your Grease Guardian ready for the Holidays?

Grease Guardian would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday season! Grease Guardian take pride in providing the most reliable grease removal equipment. Whether you are an engineer designing a new project, a restaurant owner or a municipality starting your FOG program, Grease Guardian can help! We look forward to another year of protecting your drains and the environment in 2023 At this ti
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Grease Trap maintenance: 5 Best kitchen practices to improve your Grease Guardians performance [quick and effective tips]

The key to a successful operating Grease Guardian is effective kitchen practices and maintenance. Having the correct size of grease trap is also very important, the size of the grease trap required is determined by how many sinks run into the unit, the flow rate of waste and number of meals served per day. Grease Guardians are a convenient and effective piece of kitchen equipment, proper daily mai
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Grease Guardian design and manufacturing specialists

GGX Series
Grease Guardian have an in- depth knowledge around grease interceptors and grease management systems continually evolving each year. We are forward thinking, continually designing and creating new ways to make your kitchen run as effectively as possible. Grease Guardian have you covered from the manufacturing, installation and servicing of the grease trap we have the most knowledge and experience,
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From Superyachts to Sports Arenas Grease Guardian have you covered!

Grease removal units are essential in any food catering establishment, Grease Guardians have been installed in the Universities, Superyachts, Hotels and Sports stadiums across the globe. We are delighted to have our Grease traps installed in Al Thumama Stadium, Quatar where the World Cup will be hosted later on this year. Grease traps are the perfect solution to effectively managing grease and fro
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