Grease Guardian X

Grease Guardian design and manufacturing specialists

GGX Series
Grease Guardian have an in- depth knowledge around grease interceptors and grease management systems continually evolving each year. We are forward thinking, continually designing and creating new ways to make your kitchen run as effectively as possible. Grease Guardian have you covered from the manufacturing, installation and servicing of the grease trap we have the most knowledge and experience,
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From Superyachts to Sports Arenas Grease Guardian have you covered!

Grease removal units are essential in any food catering establishment, Grease Guardians have been installed in the Universities, Superyachts, Hotels and Sports stadiums across the globe. We are delighted to have our Grease traps installed in Al Thumama Stadium, Quatar where the World Cup will be hosted later on this year. Grease traps are the perfect solution to effectively managing grease and fro
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A new future for aviation is really taking off!

Sustainable Aviation Fuel incentives passed World Energy LLC, has deployed new technology including the world’s first refinery, designed for the production of renewable jet and military-grade fuels, located in the greater Los Angeles area supporting California’s mission to lead in decarbonization. Abundant, low-cost biomass conversion is essential to accelerating the current global transition to a
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Indulgent Independence Day

United Sates of America has the highest fast food consumption in the world; it is big business, growing by approximately 3% annually. Around holidays, Americans like to indulge and celebrate in style with no expense spared, when it comes to celebrating Independence Day there is no shortage of tasty treats and fancy food. Every 4th of July on average 190 million lbs. of red meat/pork and 750 millio
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Giving grease a new life!

The grease collected from the Grease Guardian is a high quality oil, rather than discarding the pollutant it could be recycled to produce a valuable commodity. Recycling the oil to produce biofuel is environmentally sustainable, through minimizing carbon emissions and helping to improve air quality. The waste oil is an excellent power source due to its high energy density. Benefits of Biodiesel Bi
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