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Grease Guardian – Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Bloggers! Our goal at Grease Guardian is not only to manufacture and distribute the top automatic grease removal system on the market. We additionally have the responsibility of educating the public and end user on the importance of FOG reduction and correct grease interceptor maintenance. Below I discuss a few of the most frequently asked questions we get from consumers around the country:
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ASPE Atlanta Recap!

Hello Bloggers, I want to thank anyone who stopped by our Grease Guardian Booth at the ASPE show in Atlanta this past week. As an exhibitor to the national ASPE show, Grease Guardian was greeted by the engineering community with overwhelming enthusiasm!  With over thirty years of experience in the wastewater and grease recovery field, the design excellence of our automatic grease recovery systems
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ASPE Convention and Expo – Atlanta 2018

Hello Bloggers! This upcoming week Grease Guardian will be attending the 2018 ASPE Expo in Atlanta Georgia. We are always excited to put our equipment on display and interact with specifying engineers, manufacturers reps, industry influencers, and plumbers from around the globe. There is a vital need for conventions and similar functions to bring all interested parties together under one roof. Con
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Know Your Grease Guardian

GGX Installation
Hello Bloggers! Education is an important part of any manufacturers job. At Grease Guardian it is our responsibility to educate our customers on our equipment and provide them with the industry knowledge they need to succeed. Follow up support is critical in the long-term performance of any interceptor. Taking the time to speak about some of the features of our equipment will help our customers un
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Choosing The Correct Grease Interceptor

Hello Bloggers! How do you choose the right interceptor for your restaurant and kitchen? Choosing the right interceptor can make all the difference in the effectiveness, cost, and proper maintenance of your grease management system. It is always important to take the time to weigh all possible options and make the best decision on a grease interceptor that make sense for you! Location: The locatio
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