Grease Guardian X

Grease Interceptor – Terms Decoded

Hello Bloggers! Understanding your equipment and local FOG ordinance is often the last thing a restaurant owner wants to worry about. Lets face it, you didn’t get into this business to become an expert in grease! It is important that everyone is on the same page, understanding your responsibilities will lead to you get your restaurant doors open and the municipality protecting their plumbing infra
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Upgrade Your Grease Interceptor Today!

Hello Bloggers! Selecting the right grease interceptor can be intimidating. Let’s face it, you did not get into the restaurant business to become an expert in fats, oils and grease! Fulfilling your obligations for your local grease interceptor ordinance is the end goal, but its important to make sure you get the best possible equipment for you. Ensure that not only have the most effective and flex
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Grease Guardian – Know Your Equipment!

  Understanding you equipment and its features are important! Grease Guardians standard features set it apart from the rest. Our stainless steel construction and industry leading 3 year warranty make it the most reliable automatic grease removal device on the market. Let us me a resource to you on your next project. For more information or sizing questions please contact us today at info@grea
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Rotisserie and Combi Ovens – Remove Grease At the Source

Hello Bloggers! Rotisserie and Combi Oven Installations Chicken rotisserie and combi ovens present some unique challenges in grease management. The volume of grease produced in many of these applications call for equipment that can stand up to the demand. Beyond the standard multi compartment sink applications, our GGX Rotisserie & Combi oven series is specifically designed to handle high volu
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Solids Seperation – Avoiding Pipe Blockages

Hello Bloggers! What are you doing to handle your food solid waste? Removing solids or solids separation is an overlooked aspect of FOG management. It is vital to remove solids from the waste streams, protecting your interceptor and keeping the public sewers clear. The combination of FOG and solids lead to sewer back ups and the Fatbergs reported around the globe. Food Waste Solids Food establishm
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