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Isolation and Containment

Grease management is in constant development, between changing regulations, updated equipment, and new restaurants, there are choices that must be made when purchasing your grease management equipment.
As a building owner it is important to consider your buildings internal piping. YOU are responsible for those pipes and any associated damage that occurs to those lines. Grease sticks to everything as it cools and hardens. When considering what interceptor to install one important factor is location. An outside interceptor may be required to be installed a long distance away from the actual source of grease inside the kitchen. This long pipe run is vulnerable to grease related issues. Damaged pipes and back ups into your kitchen can cause major hazards and expenses. The longer the pipe run the more likely it is that a majority of the grease never makes it to the interceptor. Cooling and hardening on its way through the pipe. Location matters!

GGX Installation
Point source grease removal equipment like the Grease Guardian is installed right at the grease generating source. Whether it is a 3-compartment wash sink, a wok station, or rotisserie oven, Grease Guardians can be installed directly to the discharge line. Eliminating any need for long pipe runs and reducing potential backups. Isolating and containing fats, oils, and grease at the source protects your internal piping as well as the public system. It is ideal for everyone involved. The addition of the automatic grease removal system allows for easy grease disposal and a longer duration between pump out maintenance.
Let us be a resource to you! Our application expertise allows us to assist you in figuring out the best equipment for your specific job. For more information about the GGX or for more information on maintenance and help with sizing, send us the below information and we can let you know exactly what you need to do:
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