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Grease Managment – The Importance of Solids Removal

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The Importance of Solids Removal

Many of these blogs are dedicated to learning more about fats, oils, and grease. Discussing the importance of proper grease management equipment and interceptor maintenance are key topics that will help in reducing grease waste in your cities public sewer system.

Proper kitchen habits ensure that the topics above can be put into practice. Specifically, the importance of keeping food solids out of your plumbing lines. Like FOG, solids are a constant problem for a buildings internal plumbing system and rob your grease interceptor of its grease holding capacity. As we know grease separates from the waste water entering the machine and rises to the top of the interceptor. As it captures grease the effectiveness of the interceptor to capture additional grease decreases. Leading to the required pump out. Food solids entering the interceptor compounds the problem, robing your interceptor of capacity from the bottom.

Less capacity leads to more required pump outs!

Reduction of Solids

  1. Kitchen habits are key! Make sure you are properly scraping any leftover food on plates and pans into a waste bin before washing. This additional step will make a significant impact.
  2. The addition of sink strainers will help insure that any accidental solids that are washed off are captured BEFORE entering the waste stream. Simply capture these solids during the washing process and dispose of them when you are complete.
  3. Go with a grease interceptor that captures solids on its own. The Grease Guardian series of grease removal equipment comes standard with a solids removal basket. Capturing any accidental solids that may be washed away during the cleaning process.

By design, the flow going into the Grease Guardian will go through the solids strainer. Giving you the peace of mind that solids will not be able to enter the interceptor. The basket is strategically placed above the water line, ensuring that the contents captured are able remain dry and easy to handle.

Grease Guardian is here to answer any questions you have. If you need more information about anything FOG related, we would be happy to speak more on any of the topics discussed in these blog posts. Please contact us at or call us today!

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