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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! Although everyone may have been taking a break during the holiday, restaurants and kitchens certainly did not! FOG does not take a break and continues to cause headaches for municipalities and restaurant owners across the country. Grease Guardian not only manufactures top of the line grease management equipment, but we also work to do our part in educating people on FOG and ways they can help in reducing YOUR personal impact on the city sewers.

Proper Sizing – 

When researching a potential grease interceptor, it is important to make sure you are purchasing the right size for you. Proper sizing will ensure that you meet the city ordinance requirements and more importantly that the equipment can handle the flow from your kitchen. Grease Guardian equipment is designed, sized, and tested to meet strenuous 3rd party testing. For it to properly function it is important to never undersize your equipment! Our Grease Guardian team will gladly help in properly sizing an interceptor for any kitchen project you are working on.

Maintenance Habits – 

What goes on in your kitchen effects your interceptor! Kitchen habits and proper interceptor maintenance are important to help maximize the performance of your interceptor. Properly cleaning and scraping pots, pans, and plates will go a long way to keep solids out of your interceptor, maximizing the performance / capacity of your grease capturing equipment. More capacity allows for less pump outs. That’s money in your pocket!

Always follow the manufacturers instructions on proper maintenance on your interceptor. The Grease Guardian has been designed to aid in making any daily maintenance a breeze. 3 simple steps will allow your interceptor to remain efficient and worry free.


Please consult Grease Guardian if you have any questions about maintenance, sizing, or grease related topics. With over 30 years of industry experience, let us be a resource for you!

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