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Food Solids Separation 

The importance of food solids separation is often an afterthought when it comes to choosing grease management equipment. You are looking for a grease interceptor that is going to get you in compliance with your local ordinance and get your restaurant up and running… why is the equipment’s solids handling important?

The way your grease interceptor handles solids can often be key in its overall performance and the maintenance involved in keeping it running efficiently. To jump to the conclusion… keeping solids out of your interceptor is key! limiting the amount of solids leads to a better and often cleaner interceptor.

  • Keeping food waste out of the interceptor helps your machine run more efficiently
  • Food waste robs your machine of grease retention capacity… leads to more frequent maintenance and costly pump outs
  • If nor properly handled, food waste (Not Grease) can give your equipment odor problems down the line

What to look for:

Does the equipment you are installing have a solids separation feature? Take for example the Grease Guardian… we are the only AGRU on the market with a clean dry solids strainer. Strategically positioned just above the water level

and with access from the front of the machine, the GGX range provides a unique “dry” solids strainer which eliminates the need to open the lid to empty.

Do you have a primary solids handling equipment before your interceptor. These primary solids handlers take the place of an internal solids separator on your grease interceptor. They capture the food scraps in the waste water before it enters the inlet of the machine.

What to do if your interceptor does not have either of these features?

Do your research on which grease interceptor you are considering for your location. Know what is required and understand what features will most benefit you when it comes to solids handling.

Consider upgrading the interceptor or adding a primary solids strainer. Either of these two may be the best possible upgrade to protecting your waste lines and long term health of your equipment.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can improve your sites solids handling capabilities please contact our Grease Guardian team. Our equipment handles solids in a completely unique way, making it easy to take care of and cuts down on the costly pump outs associated with large non protected interceptors.


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