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Grease Guardian – Understanding Your Role

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Helping protect against the growing threat of Fatbergs takes a team effort! It is only when these different parties work together and understand their different roles that you have an effective solution against the growing problems associated with fats, oils and grease. At Grease Guardian we play the important role of manufacturer, it is our responsibility to supply FOG programs and their food establishments with reliable and most importantly effective grease interceptors. Our newest generation of GGX is just that! The most reliable automatic grease removal equipment on the market.

But where do you fit in…

Municipalities – You play a key role in shaping the regulations surrounding fats, oils and grease. Creating the program that will ultimately protect city sewers and the overall health of the surrounding environment. An effective ordinance clearly lays out the goal of capturing fats, oils and grease… providing a reasonable approach to achieving this goal. Allowing only the highest quality equipment is key! Municipalities have a huge interest in their programs success, and you need solutions that work. Manufactures, like Grease Guardian, should be regularly helping aid in this process.

With tens of thousands of installations all over the globe, Grease Guardian can draw on its vast knowledge and unrivaled distributor experience to assist you with your new or existing ordinance. Let Grease Guardian be a resource to you.

Food Establishment Owners – Understanding the equipment and how to properly maintain it is the biggest way you can do your part.

There are a bunch of solutions on the market, none of which require a complete hands-off approach. Whether it is a pump out requirement, or a maintenance schedule, Properly Maintaining your equipment will ensure the interceptor can work efficiently, protecting your building and public sewers.

Grease Guardians are built to last. By automatically removing grease daily, you will reduce your required number of pump outs. Keeping money in your pocket. Grease Guardian can help make sure you are complying with your ordinance, our cradle to the grave support will properly size equipment and train staff.

Always check your city ordinance to make sure the equipment is approved.

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