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Grease Guardian – The Grocery Store Grease Managment Solution

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Full Service Kitchens – Meals-to-Go – Rotisserie & Combi Ovens

 Wok Stations – 3 Compartment Sinks – Prep Stations


Grease Guardian is the ideal solution to upgrade or replace existing grease management equipment.

Primary FOG Protection 

The Grease Guardian GGX Series is built for all applications

  • Automatic Grease Removal—In the Kitchen
  • Protects Internal Plumbing from Blockages
  • From Small Sinks to Full Kitchen Solutions
  • Compliance with Local Ordinances
  • Reduces Pump Out Costs
  • Compact Installations (See Photo Below)

Point Source Range – Kitchen Installations

Grease Guardian GGX7 to GGX35

The Grease Guardian Point Source range comprises of the GGX7, GGX15, GGX20, GGX25, and GGX35. This allows Grease Guardian to cover a wide range of applications from single bay sinks such as pot wash or pre-rinse type, up to large 3 bay sinks or multiple sink applications.

Rotisserie & Combi Ovens

Principle of Operation:

High Grease Production – Low Flow Applications 

The Grease Guardian GGX R Series excels in high grease low flow applications.  Water is automatically added to the system prior to the heating and skimming process, conditioning the grease mat for maximum skimming efficiency.

  • Custom Skimming Program
  • Maximum Grease Removal Efficiency
  • Protection of Your Internal Plumbing

Maximum Grease Removal—Small Overall Footprint

The R Series is designed to work directly with your kitchens Rotisserie and Combi station. Strategically positioned underneath or to the side of the equipment for maximum grease removal and protection.  Easy dual inlet / outlet for simple installations.

Underperforming or Undersized Interceptor?

Grease Guardian is the cost-effective way to assist an existing problematic or undersized grease interceptor

  • Avoid Ordinance Violations
  • No additional Outside Tanks
  • Easy Install – Keep your store running!
  • Reduction in Interceptor Pump Out Costs

Save Money by Upgrading Your Grease Handling Equipment!

Grease Guardian is here to give you the solutions you need to handle your building grease management requirements. The Grease Guardian equipment is the most flexible and effective automatic grease removal system on the market. To learn more about the Grease Guardian equipment and features, visit our website or call us today.

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