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Grease Guardian – The Difference is Clear

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You are opening a restaurant or designing a kitchen for your client… it is important to know what your options are when it comes to your grease interceptor. Whether you are experienced in the grease interceptor market or this is your first time, design and operation details are what sets each interceptor apart.

Grease Guardian is the most flexible automatic grease removal unit on the market. Its design features not only make its overall footprint small but your interceptors’ daily maintenance much simpler.

Let’s Understand your Grease Guardian –

Overview – Our unmatched industry leading warranty means we stand behind our product. All of our GGX equipment is designed for years of trouble-free operation. You can also find comfort in the fact that by choosing an automatic grease interceptor you will reduce the frequency of outside pumping, saving you money!

Clean Dry Solids Strainer – Our internal solids strainer is strategically positioned above the water line of the machine. No more messy lift out strainer baskets. The GGX strainer is removed from the front, eliminating having to open the lid of the machine.

Stainless Steel One Piece Lid and Tank – The difference is stainless. Other automatic on the market are made with plastic tanks, not the Grease Guardian. With a one piece stainless steel tank you are getting the most durable machine on the market. Able to stand up to harsh kitchen environments.

Reliable PLC Control – By utilizing the flexibility and simplicity of a PLC the Grease Guardian can control the days of operation, operating time zones, grease load settings, heat up times and much more. This gives the system unrivaled operational flexibility and reliability.

Not all applications are the same. Make sure you go with a system that will be able to perform effectively under your specific circumstances. Stop relying on technologies of the past. The Grease Guardian “point source” range comprises a full line of sizing. Able to meet the needs of any restaurant and large kitchen applications.

Call us today to learn more. Our experience in the industry is unrivaled. We have handled it all and will be able to give you’re the equipment and sizing guidance to get you up and running.

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