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Grease Guardian – Specification Sheets Decoded

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Understanding what grease interceptor you are purchasing is critical in making the best decision for your restaurant or food establishment. Knowing the sizing, equipment dimensions, features and detailed specifications is information that will ensure your installations success.

Specification Sheets Decoded:

Whether you are a plumber, engineer, or end user, understanding our Grease Guardian Specification sheet will give you all the necessary knowledge surrounding the equipment.

Top Section – Heading

When you open our equipment specification sheet make sure you are looking at the correct one. The top section will include the model number and corresponding GGX size.

Standard Features

In this section you will find all the standard features that come with your grease guardian, right out of the box. It is important to take some time to look over these features and understand benefits that may differentiate two pieces of equipment. Standard features such as, 3 Year Warranty, PLC Controls, Hot Water Washdown, and front-loading dry solids strainer are key differentiators, setting the Grease Guardian equipment apart. Demand the best from your grease interceptor!

Grease Guardian – Dimensional Drawings

Before any purchase you must be sure to know the space requirements necessary for installation. Make sure you have the necessary space to ensure a proper installation. No sure? Call us today and we can walk you through any required measurements. The GGXs small and compact footprint make it ideal for standard or unique applications.

Specification Overview

In this section you will receive a detailed overview of the entire Grease Guardian. Including functionality, features, components, electrical and more.

For more information on maintenance and help with sizing send us the below information and we can let you know exactly what you need to do:

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Estimated meals per day if applicable:

Type of grease trap used if any:

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