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FOG management and proper application of grease removal equipment is a team effort. Engineers, food establishment owners, municipalities, and manufacturers are all factors dealing with the nuisances that surround fats, oils, and grease.

With multiple parties involved, peoples focus will vary. An Engineer may be looking for a solution that meets their specific project, while an FSE wants the easiest and most effective solution. We get it, Grease Guardian is doing our part to stream line the process of getting the right equipment in the hands of those who need it. While not all applications are the same, the goal of FOG reduction is!

Engineering Designers

Specifying Grease Guardian

We can provide you with the application expertise to make your engineering job easier!

Our equipment has unlimited grease removal potential with the smallest possible footprint. Our full line of equipment can help you with the smallest of applications right up to the most demanding grease management projects. AutoCAD drawings and Revit files are available for our full range of grease handling machines.

Restaurant Owners

Why choose a Grease Guardian?

Grease Guardians are built to last. By automatically removing grease daily, you will reduce your expensive pump out frequency. Keeping money in your pocket!

We will make sure you are in compliance with your local FOG ordinance. Our cradle to grave support will offer assistance in properly sizing the equipment, installation, and staff training.

City FOG Ordinance

Grease Guardian in your FOG Program

Grease Guardian is the most effective, reliable, and durable automatic grease removal system on the market. Our equipment is designed to adapt to your FOG program. Our features make it ideal for standard and unique installations.

With tens of thousands of installations all over the globe, Grease Guardian can draw on its vast knowledge and unrivaled distributor experience to assist you with your new ordinance.

Let Grease Guardian be a resource for you!

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