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FOG Management and Solids Separation

Stressing the importance of fats, oils, and grease management is what we do. Our expertise is in grease removal systems and the application of automatic grease interceptors. Often left out of the equation is the proper equipment and necessary procedure of handling the food solids that are paired with your kitchen wastewater. Harmful to both your interceptor and plumbing network, it is necessary to deal with solids separation head on.

As we know grease separates from the waste water entering the machine and rises to the top of the interceptor. An interceptor rated grease capacity is effected by grease and the solids that enter the machine. It is when capacity is reached that you are required for a pump out. Food solids entering the interceptor rob your interceptor of capacity from the bottom. Leading to more frequent pump outs. Grease Guardian combats this issue two ways:

  1. An internal solids separator insures that solids are captured and separated from the wastewater as it enters the machine.
  2. Grease Guardian automatically removes grease daily. By removing grease from the interceptor, you increase the time it takes for the interceptor to reach its rated capacity. Longer time between pump outs!

Kitchen Maintenance Habit

Proper kitchen maintenance habits are the first line of defense in protecting your newly installed interceptor. Keeping solids out of the interceptor will ensure it can properly perform and give you the best results.

Before washing any used plates, pots, pans, or trays be sure to do a diligent job in scraping any remaining food into a proper waste bin. Take the time to wipe clean with a paper towel or kitchen utensil.

Secondary solids separation, such as a drawer strainer, can be added to any application as an added protection against incidental solids. Placed before the interceptor, it helps ensure you are capturing the maximum amount of food waste solids.

Solids separation has the end result of saving you money in the long run!

Grease Guardian is here to answer any questions you have. If you need more information about anything FOG related, we would be happy to speak more on any of the topics discussed in these blog posts. Please contact us at or call us today!

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