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Where is all this FOG coming from? It is common now to hear and read stories about fatbergs causing havoc in cities all over the world. The combination of fats, oils, wet wipes, food solids, and other materials have combined to over load our sewers and over work our waste water facilities.

Food service establishments are on the rise. Super markets are now a major cause for concern. Over the years supermarkets have transitioned from simply being a place to buy groceries. Many supermarkets now have large commercial kitchens, pushing out ready made meals for the population on-the-go. With these meals comes a substantial amount of additional grease that needs to be properly managed.

The Grease Guardian R Series is specifically designed to handle large volume grease applications such as rotisserie and combi ovens:

Grease Guardian Rotisserie Series

Principle of Operation:

High Grease—Low Flow Applications 

The Grease Guardian GGX-R line excels in high grease low flow applications. Water is automatically added to the system prior to the heating and skimming process, conditioning the grease mat for maximum skimming efficiency.


Protect your drainage system. GGX-R line of automatic grease traps has successfully managed (with the PLC) applications where over 80lbs of grease have been generated in just one day.  That equates to over 10 gallons of grease!


The GGX-R incorporates our unique above-the-water dry strainer, keeping the system free and clear of meat and skin that break loose during the cooking process.  The hygienic, all stainless steel sealed system is built to meet the rigorous demands of being installed right in a retail space.  The design of the GGX-R enables it to be incorporated into a HACCP plan

Let us be a resource to you! Our application expertise allows us to assist you in figuring out the best equipment for your specific job. For more information about the GGX-R or for more information on maintenance and help with sizing send us the below information and we can let you know exactly what you need to do:

Location (City):

Type of establishment:

Estimated meals per day if applicable:

Type of grease trap used if any:

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