Grease Guardian – How Does it Work?

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How Do Grease Interceptors Work?

If your own a restaurant or food establishment you are aware of your requirements to manage fats, oils, and grease. Therefore, your local municipal ordinances call for all food establishments to install and maintain a grease interceptor. This equipment is designed and installed to capture and retain fats, oils, and grease from your kitchen waste water. Keeping it out of the public sewer system.

But how does it work…

The goal is for grease to separate from kitchen waste water before entering the sewer system. The interceptor is designed to make that happen, allowing for necessary time for the different densities of the two to materials (FOG and Water) to separate from one another. If given time, grease will naturally separate from water. FOG will float to the surface allowing the clean water to pass through the machine into the outlet.

Water from the kitchen enters the machine through a flow control device, making sure only the appropriate amount of water enters the machine at once. This allows the wastewater to slow down as it is entering the machine. The effluent has the necessary time to naturally separate the FOG from the water.  In addition, you will find internal baffles to help this process. By drastically reducing the turbulence and speed of the wastewater entering the machine, you allow for the maximum separation. Allowing only the treated water to pass.

Grease Guardian

Grease Guardian automatic grease removal units take it a step further with the addition of a skimming device. Not only are you capturing and retaining grease in the interceptor, but you are also automatically removing it. Controlled through our PLC, grease adheres to the rotating stainless-steel drum and is then removed by the skimming blade. All removed grease ends up in a separate grease collection container. With an automatic grease removal device you no longer have to worry about frequent pumping, it removes grease for you. Saving you money!

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