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Start or Continue Expanding your FOG Program

Grease and FOG control is a growing concern for municipalities across the country. From large cities to small towns, city officials are working to write effective grease related ordinances and expand their knowledge about FOG control. Just this year members of the Grease Guardian team have attended functions all over the country dedicated to fats, oils, and grease education and the equipment that is being offered as a solution.

FOG Education

Education for both municipalities and manufactures is vital to the continued advancement in effective FOG control. With new data being collected and different applications shedding light on what may be ineffective solutions, it is important for this information to be shared and discussed openly.  

There is no magic solution to FOG control, it takes a collective effort from all parties involved. Food establishments, city municipalities, manufactures, and waste haulers all have a responsibility to due their part. The most effective ordinances in the country are the ones that are in constant communication with all concerned parties, always looking to expand their knowledge on the subject.

Grease Guardian

As a manufacturer we have a responsibility to always have our finger on the pulse of the changing landscapes surrounding grease management. We continue to attend conferences and industry shows to learn new ideas and respond to what is being asked of us in programs around the country. Our goal is to provide equipment that is effective. One of our best qualities is our ability to listen and respond with REAL solutions. Our Grease Guardian X Series is a direct result of that. Designed to be effective and stand up to the harsh demands of a kitchen environment. Our equipment features are what make the difference.

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Let us help you with your FOG ordinance today! As an industry leader it is our responsibility to help better educate those who are involved in FOG control. Beyond the benefits of working with Grease Guardian equipment, we can breakdown the importance of proper grease management and what you can do to have a more effective program. Contact us about a possible presentation.

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