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Grease Guardian – Engineers and Design Professionals

Grease Guardian – Designed for the Engineer and Design Professional

Our Grease Guardian equipment has always developed over the years. Continuing to listen for feedback and tweak our design. Adding features to make our equipment more user friendly and efficient.

Working with Engineers and Designers are a key part of what we do. We continue to strive to make our Grease Guardian flexible, meeting the demands of engineers all over the global. Using the Grease Guardian on projects allows for the flexibility and reliability engineers seek for their grease management needs. With a full line of sizes, our Grease Guardian equipment can handle the smallest to the most demanding grease management application.

Specifying Grease Guardian

During every stage of your project our highly motivated staff and team of distributors will be able to provide you with the application expertise to make your engineering job easier!

Space can sometimes be the most difficult hurdle. This is especially true with the rise in mixed-use buildings and retrofits of older buildings.  Sometimes there is no room for a massive grease interceptor due to interior space constraints or the inability to use property outside the building’s footprint.  The Grease Guardian AST systems address this issue head-on with an almost unlimited grease removal capacity in a very small foot print.

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Our GGX Range of units are an engineers best friend. Our equipment’s front-loading strainer basket allows for automatic grease interceptors to be installed in places they never have before. With no need for clearance above the machine, design the Grease Guardian under sinks, tables, or shelves. Solve your kitchen space issues by designing a necessary automatic grease interceptor in places you would normally ignore.

AutoCAD drawings and Revit files are available for our full range of grease handling machines. Grease Guardian can also provide project specific engineering drawings on request.

For assistance with kitchen interceptor designs, sizing, and application questions please contact us today. With decades of experience in the industry we have the application expertise to assist you on all your grease management projects.

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