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Grease Guardian Automatic Solids Transfer Systems – Fully Automatic Grease Removal Units

Grease Guardians line of centralized equipment is built to handle large flow applications. This highly specifiable unit meets the grease management needs of engineers across the country. Providing superior grease removal and performance with a small over all footprint. Like all Grease Guardian equipment, you do not have to sacrifice performance for space.

Grease Guardian centralized units are built to meet the high demands from commercial kitchens and multiple kitchen applications. Built to the same high standards of our point source equipment, they are the most flexible units on the market.

GGX- AST Range

Working closely with customers and engineers we have worked to design our GGX-AST line of equipment. All GGX-AST type systems are designed to be self-sufficient, installed in basements and mechanical rooms where it is imperative that machines perform independently. With automatic features that handle all aspects of the incidental solids, skimming, and cleaning, there is no need to tend to the equipment daily, weekly, or even monthly. It is the equipment’s construction and features that further set it apart from other equipment on the market.

  • Automatic Solids Removal
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Flexible PLC Controlled Features
  • Low Level Protection for Heaters
  • Air Tight Sealing
  • Building Management System Interface
  • Automatic Washdown on All System Components
  • Service Alarm
  • Grease Mat Conditioning and Positioning


Please have a look at the video featured in this blog. It breaks down the key advantages of the equipment. Animating the capabilities and functions of the AST equipment.


If you have any additional questions about the Grease Guardian centralized equipment or any of our other grease removal units, please visit our website or call us today. We strive to provide solutions and equipment for any grease management application.

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