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New York has over six thousand miles of sewage lines and keeping this working is extremely important.  FOG or Fats, Oil and Grease being discharged into the sewer system can cause major problems resulting in back-ups, flooding and damage to property.

The sewer system was designed for waste water and normal waste but not for large volumes of fats and grease.  When FOG cools it will congeal and will eventually over time restrict the flow in the sewer and can cause blockages and overflow leading to flooding.

The main source of FOG discharge are restaurants and food establishments due to the type of fats being produced.  They typically cook with higher volumes of oil and use products high in fats such as cream, mayonnaise and butters.  Households also contribute to the problem but more emphasis is placed on food establishments to install grease traps and manage FOG waste.


Some authorities require any business producing FOG waste to apply for a waste discharge permit. Hospitals, schools, bars and large businesses with staff canteens are also included in programme.  If a FOG programme is in place then inspections and maintenance records will be reviewed and can result in a fine if a business is found to be non-compliant.

In the UK a restaurant was fined over five thousand pounds for FOG discharge this week.  The owner had been given recommendations to install a grease trap before the fine was given.


Grease Guardian offers a range of products which can help your business.  We supply grease traps, sink and food strainers which are suitable for busy kitchens. The Grease Guardian X Range covers a wide range of applications from single bay sinks up to large 3 bay sinks or multiple sink applications.

If you would like more information on the products we offer please contact us.

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