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Grease Interceptors for Specialty Applications

Not all automatic grease interceptors are created equal, just like not all applications requiring the same level of equipment. Some applications require the industry expertise and commercial equipment to handle the job. Fats, oils, and grease can be different based on the source generating them. This is what the Grease Guardian equipment is designed for. Pairing the right equipment for the right job.

How Grease Guardian Handles Combi Ovens and Rotisseries – The GGX-R Series

Combi Ovens and Rotisseries turn the ratio of water to grease upside down, much more grease than water enters the machine. The Grease Guardian R Series is designed to handle this type of application. It efficiently traps grease and keeps self- cleaning (the removal of grease) during the cooking process.  A clean trap is an effective trap. Managed by a simple Programmable Logic Control (PLC), water is automatically added to the system prior to the heating and skimming process.  This high velocity water spray conditions the grease mat, which makes it very easy for the system to remove grease at an ‘extraordinary’ rate. Allowing the equipment to more efficiently skim and remove grease. No other interceptor is as effective!

Wok Station Applications- The GGX Wok Guardian

One of the harshest conditions in kitchens across the country are the areas surrounding wok stations. The high heat and style of cooking requires equipment that can stand up and perform. Our equipment is manufactured in stainless steel, designed to handle the environment. The system is highly efficient and very easy to maintain. With the simple to use PLC control, the system can handle from 1 to 10+ woks with ease. The Wok Guardian is also simple to install. With the unique design feature of a front access strainer basket and easy grease collection container removal, the system can be installed underneath the Wok Station. Saving you the hassle of redesigning your kitchen layout.

Grease Guardian prides itself on solving real world grease application problems. Designing equipment that can be effectively applied to all situations and kitchen environments. If you have any concerns or questions about what you should be installing, give us a call today! We have the experience and application expertise to handle all grease management applications.

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