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Come and see Grease Guardian participate in this year’s Green Build show in the great city of Chicago!

Grease Guardian has continued to push all its automatic grease removal systems in the direction of better performance, efficiency of grease removal, and overall reliability of equipment.  The combination of these ideas and goals has led us in the direction of becoming more involved in Green and Efficient Buildings. The addition of performance-based FOG removal leads to better buildings and a healthier surrounding environment.

Removing fats, oils, and grease from the kitchen waste line helps with the overall health of your building. Removing grease at the source, protecting your buildings internal piping and the sewer system that handles the waste water heading to the treatment plants around your city. A reduction in the load on these sewer systems has a real reducing effect on the potential environmental impact on the surrounding area.  Fats, oils, and grease, coined Fatbergs in many major cities, have been the cause of countless sewer back ups around the globe. These backups are harmful to the environment and people that are exposed to them. The expense on municipalities to deal with these emergencies is real!

Point source grease removal equipment like the Grease Guardian is installed right at the grease generating source. Whether it is a 3-compartment wash sink, a wok station, or rotisserie oven, Grease Guardians can be installed directly to the discharge line. Eliminating any need for long pipe runs and reducing potential backups. Isolating and containing fats, oils, and grease at the source protects your internal piping as well as the public system. It is ideal for everyone involved. The addition of the automatic grease removal system allows for easy grease disposal / recycling and a longer duration between pump out maintenance.

Grease Guardian is committed to providing equipment that is both effective and user friendly. Call us today for more information on the Grease Guardian equipment. Our industry knowledge and application expertise will help you purchase and install the correct equipment to meet your local ordinances.

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